Submit An Article to the Newsletter

Please submit your article using this form: CLICK HERE. The form is also available in the FORMS file in DACDB, so you can complete the form at any time. It will be included in the issues for the months you choose on the form.
Here are some guidelines for submitting articles:

  • Limit articles to approximately 250 words or less, or about three paragraphs (MSWord> Review> wordcount). If your article exceeds these parameters, we will include a sentence or two with a link and photo to a PDF of your full article.
  • Cut & paste into the form from MSWORD or attach a MSWORD document-this makes editing easier for the editorial team.
  • If it is for a specific event, be sure you have listed it in the calendar on DACDB.
  • If you have more information to include, provide a link to a webpage with the information.
  • Please DO NOT put hyperlinks in the document-just underline what you want linked and paste the URL next to it in the document.
  • We will edit as needed.
  • PDFs should ONLY be included if a link to that document is to be inserted in the article, or the article exceeds the parameters.
  • Attach good quality ACTIVE photos (JPEG/JPG or PNG format) when possible-one or two photos per article is sufficient.

Please contact me with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Rotary Service,

Leigh A. Perry
District Administrative Assistant
Phone: 270-752-0236