The Noblesville Rotary Club members are active  and engaged community citizens, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, thought leaders and service-oriented. Our club is comprised of men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and coming from all professions, from lawyers and teachers to graphic designers and journalists. The Noblesville Rotary Club is a place to connect with new faces as well as see familiar friends, all while experiencing the rich reward of “service above self.” It is a non-political, non-secret, secular organization with the aim of improving our own community, our nation and our world while making meaningful connections and lasting friendships along the way.

Rotary is all about service. The Noblesville Rotary Club has been active in the community service sector since it’s beginning. The club is responsible for many of the amenities you find throughout the Noblesville community and continues to work to make Noblesville an even better place. Some of our projects can be found here!