Any Rotary, Rotaract or Interact club, can inspire its community by hosting a Rotary Day. Neighboring clubs might combine their ideas, talent, and resources to co-host an event, Even entire districts can come together to host one big Rotary Day.

Rotary Days underscore our warm and cohesive community, show others our inspira- tional work, introduce Rotary to the lager community, and motivate action. They can take any form, as long as they are fun and engaging, involve young people, and are open to all. We encourage you to add innovative components to your public events!

  • Include a hands-on service project as part of the event to let visitors see for themselves how Rotary benefits the community.
  • Feature guests that appeal to a non-Rotary audience – young leaders, inspirational speakers, celebrities, musicians, or other public figures.
  • If the event offers food, keep it simple – a buffet rather than a formal, sit-down meal.
  • Advocate on local issues related to Rotary’s areas of focus by calling attention to chal- lenges that affect people in your area.
  • If you charge admission, keep prices low. Ask local businesses to sponsor your event.
  • Welcome families and make the event enjoyable for them.
  • Present Rotary as an opportunity for potential members to make new friends, exchange ideas, and take action to improve their community and the world. Avoid using Rotary jargon or referring to club traditions.
  • Highlight the work of local Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Communi- ty Corps members, and other community members who do extraordinary work.
  • Recognize non-Rotary community members who demonstrate Rotary’s service ideals.
  • Sponsor an event with a partner organiza- tion to show that, by working together, we make a deeper and more lasting impact on communities.
  • Ask local new media to cover the event.
  • Collect participants’ contact information, and invite them to future club events.

During and after your event, post photos and videos with the hashtag #RotaryDay to social media. Rotary will collect photos of Rotary Day events around the world and show them at the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany!